Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman, the first step in creating the Justice League, is set to release on March 25, 2016 and is directed by Zack Snyder. A lot of mystery and anticiption surrounds this movie because Batman won't be played by Christian Bale, but instead Ben Afleck, Wonderwoman is going to be introuced, and it seems like a rushed version of the Avengers to an extent. The movies before this included the original batman trilogy (with Christian Bale) and the superman origin story reboot. In the final batman movie, Batman leaves Gotham and is seen in a foreign cafe years later with Selena Kyle (Catwoman). Superman was last seen in action killing General Zod and then disguising himself so he can work at the Daily Planet.

It is questionable on what will cause Batman to resume his activites in Gotham, but other than that, many plot aspects have been revealed through trailers. Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Clark Kent (Superman) will meet at a charity event of some sort run by the wealthy businessman, Lex Luthor. Wayne will most likely have strong feelings of disdain for Kent because he knows that Kent is Superman and saw Superman destroy large amounts of Gotham in his battle with Zod years earlier. The two will get off to a rocky start, but when Luthor uses deceased Zod's body to make a new, more violent creature, Doomsday, they will have to team up to defeat the monster. Sometime during the action, Wonder Woman will make an appearance and join the two in their crusade against evil.